Do not fail because your small business is not responsible!

Responsibility in a small business is more important than ever. As the complexity of day-to-day business operations becomes more complex, it is difficult to stay on course to reach a goal.

Responsibility is an interesting phenomenon. Many of us have become independent in order to avoid unrealistic expectations of others and to hold ourselves accountable (among others). Now, as a boss, it’s hard to hold ourselves accountable.

Although small businesses like the term “go with the flow”, we have built in responsibilities. For example, there are tasks and activities that require our attention and that are non-negotiable. Employees, service providers, customers, regulators … hold us all accountable for our obligations.

Who holds the small business owner responsible for himself and his success? Often, the most critical activities of strategic thinking, planning and implementation goals and plans fail for a successful performance.

3 roadblocks for liability
Beyond the traditional “I come when I have time”, other aspects of our ability to explain our success are approaching. This includes …

Clearly defined results are missing. In addition to the concrete results you want to achieve in your business, it is also important to have a clear plan on how you can achieve your results.
The vision is neglected and / or poorly defined. There is a Chinese proverb that says, “A man who hunts two hares does not catch one.” Blurred vision contributes to distractions and derailments.
The conflict lives in itself Ahhh, yes! The proverbial argument that a small business owner has with him can be a stumbling block. Whether there is a separation between beliefs and desired outcomes or a conflict between current knowledge and expertise and lack of competence, these internal struggles are firmly on the path to success.
The responsibility system
As a business coach, one of the most common expressions I hear is, “I need someone to hold me to account.” It is rare that it is “someone” who has to hold us accountable, but a system of responsibility. A system for which we are responsible and responsible for our success.

You can set up a system of responsibility in your small business:

State of Mind: The state of mind of responsibility involves the belief that most of your success lies with you. It is your choice, your action and your behavior that directly contribute to your success.
You own your goals, your success and your failure according to your ideas.

Skills: Responsible skills begin with the ability to articulate a clear vision of desired outcomes. Combined with the ability to set SMART goals and well thought-out plans, you are sure to keep a winning combination.
Make sure you add project management skills to the skills that every small business needs to develop without any delays or deadlines, without notice.
Structure: The structure of accountability allows you to prioritize the growth of your business instead of hesitating to be proactive rather than reactive, to target and ward off annoying distractions that seem to compromise the best plans.
In addition to the obvious improvement in performance, strengthening your small business is the backbone of accelerated growth. It’s both an indoor game and an outdoor game … especially if you have your system’s responsibility.

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